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I found a place!

One week exactly.  Not bad!  The house we were living in served us very well... through meeting, moving in together, getting engaged, Dax starting his business and me growing my career.  But, it's time to move on.  Our new place is at 30th and Noe, perfect location if you ask me.  It's a little far from GG Park and Haight St., where Dax and I have enjoyed many a Saturday bike ride together, but it's close to the muni for work, it's close to Dax's office in the Mission, it's a quite neighborhood with plenty of parking for my family wagon (Subaru Outback), and its close to the quaint and at times shishi area of Noe. Our bedroom is all windows on three of the walls, one with a view of Bernal Heights, another with a deck overlooking a nice backyard, and the third, get this, overlooks our very own (shared) backyard, perfect for BBQ's, sunbathing, reading, relaxing, growing a garden, you name it.  Who knew a week ago when I got us booted from our place that we'd end up in such a perfect little nest for our budding family??  Ha! I did!  I never doubted that the universe would provide for us, and that things always work out well in the end.  I was sorry to add any ounce of stress to my wonderful man's life, what with him running a business at the same time as he was planning for 4 separate events within two months, but he's happy with the new place and that makes me happy.  
Good times, good times... and many more good times to come!
Tags: election 2008, family, housing, life, love, noe valley, san francisco

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