lizlux (lizlux) wrote,

Writer's Block: Greenery

Today in 1971, Greenpeace was founded. How are you helping to keep your section of Earth green these days?

I try to recycle everything,
I use disposable items sparingly,
cloth napkins at home instead of paper,
bringing my own bags to the grocery store (including cloth produce bags),
using tupper ware instead of plastic wrap for my leftovers,
ordering only what I can eat at restaurants so I don't have to use a styrofoam to-go box,
taking the bus or riding my bike instead of driving my car,
sending information electronically as opposed to using a printer,
voting for green initiatives and candidates that pledge to help the environment,
not littering,
generally trying to make decisions based on a conservationist attitude.

Things I do to pollute the planet:
Forgetting to bring a canteen for water, forcing me to buy plastic bottles,
Taking really hot, long showers because I like them.

... I try to justify these to myself by the afore mentioned good behavior!
Tags: environment, writer's block

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