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Burners in the house

This was the first year out of the last 3 that I didn't go to Burning Man. Dax and I decided after about a month in Europe, as we were strolling hand-in-hand down a street in Berlin, that maybe we'd had enough extravagance for one summer and that when we go home it would be time to buckle down and get back to work. Plus we wanted to save money for our wedding and for getting a new apartment together...
Hence, no Burning Man.
Well last year at the Burn, we helped initiate a great friend of ours (Scott Twister) into the wonders that week had to offer, thus landing Dax and Me with the names "Mamma and Pappa Burner." The apple didn't fall too far from the tree, because this year Twister shows up to our house the day before leaving with two new initiates. We gave them our own little playa gifts, inhaled the excitement they exuded for an afternoon, and with hugs and kisses, sent them on thier way.
I felt like I'd experienced the excitement of leading up to the burn. The anticipation, the openness, and the freedom.
This weekend they came back. Through an unexpected chain of events the trio was forced to lay down their sleeping bags in our tiny hard-wood-floored living room for two nights before their flight out this morning. Again, the excitement of Burning Man filled our home. Stories poured out of them, anticipations met, tales begun last week were finished, and our living room (despite their best efforts) was again filled with the sticky dust and dry smell of the playa.
Thanks to Scott, Kevin, and Julia, for sharing your Burning experience with us this year. Next year Dax and I will be there in full force!
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